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I recently came across this awesome gallery of old criminal mugshots from the 20s. I love how there is old writing, tattered edges, and they are shot so casually yet elegantly…and they’re all criminals. Whats crazy is these mugshots are shot in the style that the trendiest of photographers are shooting now.  Funny how these things come around full circle.  Also, you just CANNOT get the same effects with digital. As always, some of my favorties…(click the images for hi-res)

These photos kind of inspired me to try my hand at portraiture again. We shall see. I really love all the edges and writing, I might just have to try my hand at doing one myself.

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  1. Love these pictures…makes me wonder what they were arrested for. It reminded me of when I was a little girl and we would go to the little post office in town…while my mom was in line, I was over flipping through a stack of mugshots that were posted on the wall. Weird, now that I think of it. I’ve always been a little twisted like that. :)

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