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Music Monday: Texas Edition

So I’m back from Texas, it was really fun and much needed. I actually enjoyed my time there (minus the humidity) and I really enjoyed the quality hang out time with my best friend Aubree and her family. I picked a couple songs that remind me of my trip to San Antonio… enjoy!

“Copenhagen” – Chris Ledoux and Toby Keith (my best friends husband Shane chews copenhagen and kept playing this song on his phone)

“Get the Fuck Out of My House” – 2 Live Crew (Aubree’s dad was over one night and we all stayed up drinking and bullshitting and he pulled up a bunch of 2 Live Crew and DJ Jazzy Jeff songs, I thought it was hilarious and will always associate 2Live Crew with Aubree’s Dad now)

“Hell Yeah, I Like Beer” – Kevin Fowler (this song pretty much sums up how Texas feels about beer)


Also, starting next week my best friend literally for life Diana is going to be doing some guest posts for Music Mondays for the month of June! Stay tuned because this girl knows her music & we’re both pretty excited to share some of that knowledge with you!