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Music Monday with Dirty D: EDC edition

I am back as your host, Diana a.k.a Dirty D (as some of you may call me LOL). I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Let’s get right down to business.  If you didn’t know, the spectacular Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) was this weekend! This year was once again it hosted in the notorious sin city, Las Vegas NV at the Motor Speedway.  EDC is one the largest electronic music festivals in the United States and its reputation keeps growing, so much so that this year was the first year to sell out.  Thousands of tickets were sold.  EDC is 3 days of 12 hours of nonstop music and each day seeming more spectacular than the next.  Now that’s how you party it up in Las Vegas!  This year EDC had 7 stages each with their own theme/style of electronic dance music.  Just to name a few different styles: trance, electro, house, dubstep, dnb, and hardstyles.  EDC is a place where you can be yourself or be who you want to be. You can dress up in outrageous outfits or be an average Joe in your everyday clothing and it would all be accepted.  That’s the beauty of the EDM scene there are no judgments.

Not only does EDC feature amazing musical talents but there is much more.  EDC has plenty visual amusements to keep you entertained in the whole experience there. In keeping with the carnival theme there are carnival performers all over the motor speedway grounds. Not only that, there are numerous carnival rides.  There is a giant Ferris wheel, a drop-zone type ride, a slide, and much more.  And before the night ends or should I say before the sun rises there is mind-blowing fireworks show that makes you stop what you’re doing to watch it. 

This year’s EDC also featured EDC week which means that there were many artists performing at different clubs/venues a week before the actually event; so if you didn’t get a chance to get tickets to EDC before they sold out, you had the opportunity to check some of artists out if you were in Las Vegas during the week. For more information about past EDC’s or for future ones go to or to

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this year’s EDC for many reasons out of my control but I hope some of you did get a chance to go it, because it is a once in the life time experience that should at least be experienced once.

Sticking to the theme of EDC, I will be sharing music from a number of artists that performed at this year’s EDC.  I hope you enjoy!

EDC 2012 Official Trailer

“Hold Up” – Sidney Samson

“This is so Good” – Avicii

“Prutataaa” – Afrojack & R3hab

“Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker – Dada Life

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  1. Here are some soundcloud links to some live recordings of a few performers at this years EDC

    Have fun raging to these sets :)

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