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Music Mondays with Dirty D: Drum and Bass

It’s Music Monday once again with me, Dirty D!  This is my final post for my take over of Valerie’s Music Monday series; well maybe. I am thinking about putting together my own music blog, which is in the works. So if you have enjoyed the music I have been sharing here keep it locked in for my own music blog coming soon.

Today I am featuring a new (well not new to the world but new to the blog) genre, DRUM AND BASS!  There is so much that can be said about DNB but one thing is for sure is that DNB can possibly be my all time favorite genre of music.  I absolutely love it because of the high energy it projects. Fast break beats and heavy bass lines are the basic elements of DNB.  Like darker style of dubstep, DNB is intended to heard in venues that can handle low frequencies or person sound system that handle it.  DNB tracks often have deeper basslines than any other forms of dance music, which is my favorite part of them.  As you may notice in my music selection through out my blog entries you can see that I tend to lean more towards those genres of music with heavy basslines because they tend to have the most impact on you as a listener especially when you have the proper sound system.  And unlike the other genre that I have shared in the Music Monday blog, DNB one of the longest last genre that is still loved like it was back when it first came in the early 90’s.

Enough said let’s get right into… This week’s track selection encompasses some new DNB releases and some not so new but are still enjoyed and featured in many different dj sets.  All right here’s the music. Enjoy :)

Noisia & The Upbeats (my favorite)

Gridlok – Insecticide (my favorite)

TC – Tap Ho

Sub Focus – Timewarp

Chase & Status – Pieces

Hamilton – Rich Kids


*featured front page image via dnb soundcloud

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