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Music Mondays with Dirty D: the darker side of dubstep

This week I am revisiting dubstep but this time we’re going to take a look at the darker side of dubstep.

In my own pursuit for new music, I came across a sub-genre of dubstep that is darker and deeper sounding.  My friends Justin Crescendo Abraham and Spencer Spire Jones are responsible for introducing me to this darker sound of dubstep.  Spire is a local Sacramento DJ/producer who is also another GRIMEY resident and is also a part of FathomSound.  Spire mixes darker/deeper sounding dubstep as well as other styles of bass music.  If have you can catch Spire mixing at GRIMEY or you can check out his soundcloud for tracks that he produces.

Back to the music; I totally fell in love with this style of dubstep quickly.  This darker style of dubstep leaves a profound impact on the listener especially when it’s listened with the appropriate equipment and venue. I have learned through my friends Crescendo & Spire that this style of music produces sounds and tracks with very low frequencies and technical drum patterns that are best projected with specific equipment to enjoy those sounds at its fullest potential.  Those frequencies are what give the listener that “wobble” feeling and in my personal experience breathless.

Sacramento’s own bass night, GRIMEY, is great place to check out this style and other styles bass music, featuring heavy hitting bass from FathomSound.  FathomSound’s sound system is the ideal system that you would want to enjoy dark dubstep.  If you have a chance checkout GRIMEY tomorrow at townhouse for a taste of bass music and if you are not able to make it out here are some tracks that you can enjoy just make sure in whatever method you choose to listen to these tracks that you have a decent set of headphones or sound system where you can hear these tracks as close as they were meant to be heard.

Biome – “Pum Bum”

J:Kenzo – “The Roteks”

Distance – “Falling”

SP:MC & LX One – “Hunted”

Sleeper – “GTFO”

Kryptic Minds – “Can’t Sleep”


*featured front page image of DJ Crescendo by Eric Twopercento Kim*

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  1. Some great info and massive tunes!

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