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Whats in my bag? Photography edition

this bag has had 3 owners, spanning almost FOUR decades

I always see my fashion blogger friends do “whats in my bag” posts which look totally fun and I am a naturally nosy person so I love seeing into the lives of many, but my purse is really boring, and messy to boot so I thought I’d share a “whats in my Photo bag” post with you all. 

Just a warning, I used to have a lot more in my bag because I used to shoot with 2 cameras so my bags a little boring right now until I can find a new second camera. Also, I travel light, you may be surprised what you can do with very little, and I consider it an accomplishment if you can have really great photos without really fancy equipment. You’ve been warned.

I think I might be traveling too light

Whats in my Photo Bag:

  • the ORIGINAL camera manuals from 1981
  • a spare camera battery (for the light meter)
  • pens, cause you never know
  • my Canon AE-1
  • cable release
  • glass cleaner cloth, somehow I lost my lens papers
  • polarizing filter
  • red filter
  • lens cap which needs to be replaced because it refuses to cover the lens when I have a filter on (don’t know why I’ve waited so long)
  • tripod mount

Whats not in my Photo Bag: My tripod, grey card, my digital camera I use for videos, moleskine for jotting down notes, & my phone. Also you can see I’m fresh out of film today cause there was none in there! Ha.

This post made me realize how much I need to upgrade my photo arsenal. I honestly can’t believe I’ve gone THIS LONG without other lenses for that camera. I think I may have to treat myself to a B &  H shopping spree soon.

9 thoughts on “Whats in my bag? Photography edition

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  2. Hit up your Nino and see what he has for you! I would also be willing to bid on it if he wants cash.

    1. i think he got rid of his film camera stuff but i know he has printing equipment for me.

  3. I bet …and only guessing here, but in thirty or forty years, I’ll bet you’ll be using that AE-1 (or equivalent) and just one or two lenses. The normal “photographer” evolution really. Start with something simple, start buying all kinds of lenses and filters and all that. Spend about ten to twenty grand over that time, and look back and say, you know what, I had more fun and got more good shots when I just used that AE-1 and simple lens …so than you sell off everything except just that. Back to where you started. Nothing wrong with that, and every photographer I know does it, just remember I said it, when it happens. I’ll probably long gone and dead by then, but I’m tellin’ ya… :) …and than you’ll fill entire books with your photos.

    1. maybe I should learn from my elders and just stick to the basics and save myself the money haha

      1. It’ll never work …gotta spend two to three decades, at least, spending all your money till you learn. Have fun :)

      2. haha well if i must…lol

  4. One lens is all you need…
    Good post,

    1. Generally I’m pretty happy with mine, its really versatile but I would like to have a fish eye just for fun. I also want to get some macro adapters. I could fill an entire book with the things I want. :)

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