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my cell phone recently gave me another scare

So ever since I dropped my cell phone in a coworkers iced white mocha a few months back its been on the fritz. The other night I wore down the poor battery to only like 3% and plugged it into the charger (which happens to be connected to my computer because the original charger died and I’ve been procrastinating on buying a proper wall one). Anyway long story short I woke up to a dead phone. I also realized that my dead phone wouldn’t charge on the computer anymore. So basically I was stuck in my apartment with my computer as the sole means of communication which got me thinking… God forbid anything like a zombie apocalypse or internet terrorist attack should occur because I would be TOTALLY SCREWED. I have no land line, I have no ones land line numbers memorized except my parent’s house. I would be one of the first to go! I know this sounds completely irrational but it was just a crazy realization on how reliant I have become on some fickle and fragile 600 dollar paperweight.

Things like that make me glad I shoot film, because should electronics ever become inoperable during some kind of crazy zombie internet takedown I will still have my memories captured on film. Someone recently blogged about this video done by  Francois Ferracci which I thought was absolutely brilliant. Check it out.

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