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Ok I’m back. Now what?

God, so much can change in a couple years. When I first started this blog it was the third platform I’d blogged on (RIP & livejournal), people were actually making money (easily & not me) from blogging, and readers actually left comments. This was a prehistoric time where sharing posts via FB and IG weren’t really used to promote blogs yet and growth was organic, community-based, and people actually had attention spans longer than 6 seconds.

After taking a lot of time off of my art and blogging I decided I missed word vomiting all over the internet too much and now I’m back here. It’s 2018, blogging has been declared dead by all, I haven’t produced a single piece of art in over 2 years, and I spend most of my creative energy at my full-time job. I still have things to say. I still have loud opinions. I’m still here and you’re here too.

Good to see you again.


bodegabaywinery (1)
Driving down from a Bodega Bay winery this past spring at the end of a very cold camping trip.