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Adventures in Portfolio Development: Self-Promo

Now that the days of myspace and customizing the crap out of their layouts is gone, not many people are aware that I have a teeny bit of background in graphic design. It started out as editing pictures and adding text, like any normal forwarding-thinking 17 year old was doing at the time, and progressed to designing a website that I never even ended up launching, even though I had painfully taught myself how to image map links in what is now considered outdated HTML. I even had a semester in a graphic design class and won some honorable mentions. Ask anyone who used to follow me on livejournal I used to go nuts with creating my own little graphics with text and images, some were terrible, some I’m actually quite proud of. I digress.

This week in my port class we are creating our or self-promo images which could be either HTML/email promos, takeaway cards, or mailers. I chose a 5×7 takeaway and got to work right away. I had an idea in my mind to keep it minimal and clean (which is hard for me because I love love love those annoying illustrated fonts), with the main focus being on my work, not the design. Anyway, I realized how grateful I am to have the basic understanding of graphic design I do because some of my classmates were totally lost and using “Curlz” as their font or stolen graphics from google. I can’t make this shit up. Photographers are NOT graphic designers, and trust me, when the time comes and I can afford to professionally brand myself, I’m hiring a pro designer.

valerie figueroa promo card side 1
promo takeaway side 1
valerie figueroa promo card side 2
promo takeaway side 2, minus the background image I have yet to shoot

This is what I have so far, the backside of the card is intentionally blank because I have yet to shoot the image I’m going to use as the background. Ideally I’d like to shoot  just straight road since its such a huge character in the story I am trying to tell. I haven’t decided if it’ll be head-on, at any angles, or how I’m going to play with the DOF, but I’ll figure it out as I shoot.

Anyway I know I’ve been quiet so I wanted to share my latest bit of work with ya’ll.

Tell me what you think so far and Happy Pi Day!