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Remember the Alamo

thanks to the movie Selena, this is the scene I think of when I think of the Alamo lol

So in a couple hours I’ll be jetting off to Texas for the week! YEEHAW! (trying to get into the southern mood) I’ll be going to San Antonio to visit my wifey aka best friend Aubree and her family and I’m really excited. Not only do I get to finally see where they moved to but I get to visit the historic Alamo! As a lover of history the Alamo is a little controversial for me. As a proud American patriot I’m stoked I get to experience a little history of part of my country, but as a proud Mexican-American I’m always a little perturbed that people keep insisting that Mexicans are coming here illegally, when they were actually the first ones here and that actually some American settlers were the first illegal immigrants into Mexico, and there in Coahuila y Tejas was where it all began.

But I’m not going to bore you with Mexican-American history today because I’m totally excited for my vacation to San Antonio and its LONG overdue. Basically this is the first real vacation I’ve taken since I went to New Zealand in 2009. I’ll still be posting while I’m away and when I get back I’m instituting a whole week of Texas inspired posts! Stoked.

Have a good weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Remember the Alamo

  1. Have fun…glad it’s you and not me! :) You’ll be surprised at how small the Alamo really is…but it is interesting, and right in the middle of the city! I’ll be waiting for your pics!

  2. So excited to hear more!

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