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Sheridan & Alexis

Putah Creek bridge, Winters

There is this beautiful old bridge just outside of Davis that I love to go take pictures at.  If you like random graffiti this place is for you.  I’ve shot this bridge several times and every time I love it, and every time the graffiti changes.  When I got my hands on the last of Kodak’s HIE Infrared film I went out in search of foliage to photograph which resulted in this photo.  Enjoy.

*Sorry for the crap scan quality, excuse the scanner dust spots, working on getting a negative scanner soon *

2 thoughts on “Sheridan & Alexis

  1. I wish I had known about this little gem when I was still living in the area…it looks beautiful.

    1. I love finding hidden gems. Its why I love my drives. I get to explore :)

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