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sick week

Every once in a while I come down with a monster of a virus and I was hoping I’d be able to skip this season but alas, it got me.  It got so bad I had to take 2 days off work (I NEVER call out sick) and I even saw a doctor (never see doctors either).  Anyway this totally disrupted all the plans I had (not to mention making me 300% more lazy) but I was able to catch up on conquering my Netflix queue.  I finally got to watch Exit through the Gift Shop, and Beautiful Losers which both ended up being completely the opposite of what I was expecting of them.

Exit through the Gift Shop was pretty comedic and a great commentary on how pretentious and fickle the art scene can be but Beautiful Losers inspired me to keep plugging away at doing the things I love and the things that please me in life- my photography.  I won’t give you some review you could read elsewhere but I will say they left me wanting to see more art, not classical art but up and coming art.  I used to love seeking out and looking at street art all the time and I feel like I haven’t really done it lately because I’ve been too busy trying to survive life.  I used to seek out art and museums just for fun, not just for inspiration.  These are things I need to reincorporate into my adult life, and quickly, before the daily humdrum of life takes over mine.

If you can appreciate art in any form especially street art I really recommend adding these to your queue, they are definitely worth checking out.

2 thoughts on “sick week

  1. Glenn and I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop at the Tower Theater when it came out and loved it! I haven’t seen Beautiful Losers yet but now I want to :)

    1. Beautiful Losers is great too. Less funny than Exit (cause lets face it banksy wanted that to be a comedy lol) but its really cool to see how some of the art we all love now came to be.

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