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Sutro Baths

For years I’ve always wanted to visit the Sutro Bath ruins in San Francisco. I had read about them, a couple of my friends had done modeling gigs out there, its in the bay area, old and run down… just my style. Over the summer I finally got around to visiting and to be honest, it was cool but I guess I had built it up for so long in my head I was a little underwhelmed when I got there. For some reason I thought it would be off the beaten path more, and boy was I wrong. Negativity aside, it was a pretty sight and somewhere I’d totally go just to hang out and relax at.

note to self, pack a lighter camera bag next time, walking up that hill was a bitch…i’m so out of shape lol
i love the weathered paint

The whole time I was here, I was trying to imagine it in its heyday, people running around, kids splashing, modest womens bathing suits and swimcaps, with a view of the ocean just a sheet of glass and steel away.

definitely not water I’d want to play in, but it looked peaceful enough.
on the other side of this wall…about 3 different brands of tall cans in the sand
i’m a sucker for well placed graffiti

I had a nice time there at Sutro, and judging from google maps pictures, it seems to be a popular stop for tourists since its so close to the Cliffhouse. Its definitely somewhere you should check out if you feel like getting away from the city for a little bit.

7 thoughts on “Sutro Baths

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  2. I had never even heard of this place before! Very interesting…I always picture old places like they might have been back in the day too. Great pictures…as always. :)

    1. my friend did a photo shoot there back in like 03 which is what piqued my interest and ever since then ive been meaning to go! it seems like a chill spot away from the beach to hang out near the ocean and ponder life.

  3. Wow this looks really cool. Hopefully I can check it out the next time I am in SF.

    1. yea its definitely worth checking out.

  4. love love love the last pic!!! When we have our own place, I’d like a print for my house por favor. ;)

    1. of course my virgo! <3

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