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BBF: Paintersville Bridge

100% unedited (not even contrast-damn I love this camera). Kodak Gold 200

I shot this one on the Blackbird Fly toy TLR while I was waiting for the sun to go down so I could get some long exposures of car light trails for my portfolio series. Aside from hearing the workers on the bridge and their raunchy jokes, it was actually quite peaceful there in the high grass with a cool delta breeze in my face. I love nature.

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BBF: Bodega

A couple months ago I took one of my usual day trips to Bodega, toy camera in tow and as I was sitting on the beach eating lunch I just had to snap a couple pics. I really wish I was back here again. I love Bodega.

Goat Rock Beach, Bodega [Kodak Gold 200, taken with BlackBird Fly toy TLR]
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160: Nine & Ten


I feel like I should have something more profound to say about this post but really, I’m still searching for answers when it comes to matters so dark. Every time I turn my attention towards this project there are so many unanswered questions that hopefully as I continue to research I can begin to answer. This was only the beginning of this project I still have so much to do, learn, read, research. I’m glad I could share these images with you all though and I do hope that they serve as reminder that life is so beautifully precious and fragile. Please don’t take your life for granted.

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160: Seven & Eight

Often we pass things on the road without even thinking twice about what we have passed. This is one of those places that I can’t pass without looking and thinking about anymore. Its in a stretch of beautiful highway in the delta that curves through some orchards and if you blink you may miss it. I don’t really think I need to explain how sad this is because the pictures speak for themselves. Life is so precious and we need to honor the gift we’ve been given by living a great life and trying to stay safe out in this dangerous world.

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Throwback Thursday & an update

road 105, yolo county

I took this photo in 2005 I think, I can’t really remember now its been so long. These were the days before I realized how dumb it was to post-process film scans in photoshop to get the cross-processed effect.  I’m too lazy to dig through 7 years worth of negatives to find the original to re-scan so I thought I’d show you all that I was once naive too and trendy with my photography. This was taken when it was totally in vogue to take pictures of inanimate random industrial objects like fire hydrants, faucets, hoses, storm drains…ect.

Anyway sorry for the lack of posting lately but there’s a funny story behind that. When I got back from Texas I was really mad at myself because I thought I was a total dum-dum and shot an empty roll in my toy TLR BBF camera (meaning I went out shooting with an emtpy camera)….but I went to load it the other day with some Fujifilm Velvia 50 and I realized that in the BBF camera the film compartment is enclosed (duh)…. when I got back from Texas I never opened the film compartment becuase I was in autopilot and in my other cameras once you open the camera there is the film… so basically I had a REALLY BIG blonde moment. So I will be developing that last roll from Texas as soon as I can. :)