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Music Monday – Hippie Sabotage

My longstanding love affair with Pandora has been brought to a whole new level. I first heard this song while driving out to San Francisco and immediately fell in love, so in love that I created an entire station from this one song. If that isn’t saying something then I don’t know what will. I have yet to have to “thumbs down” any song that has been presented on this playlist and it is so perfect that it matches every mood. I get daily and constant complements on this playlist from anyone who is in my car, its basically the perfect playlist. Because I’m feeling so generous I decided to share the playlist in addition to posting my favorite songs from Hippie Sabotage. You’re welcome.

A little fun fact about Hippie Sabotage– they are from Sacramento! I had NO IDEA until a client told me about it while we were listening to my playlist! We instantly bonded over the fact that we both KNEW who Hippie Sabotage is. So yay for local music! Now would be a good time to turn up the bass, hope you have a good subwoofer!


“Ridin Solo”

“Bust Em Down”

“Call The Doctors”

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Music Monday – ODESZA

So I’ve been driving to San Francisco weekly since I got back from my Texas road trip (yeah I went back again), and for some reason crossing the bay bridge or driving along Ocean Beach, I just get in the mood for these kind of chill beats. Enjoy.


“Keep Her Close”

“I Want You”

“How Did I Get Here”

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Music Monday – The XX


Yes, I realize I’m EXTREMELY late to the game, but I’ve recently had a couple songs by The XX pop up on my pandora mixes, and I just had to share for the 3 of  you out there who may have been living under a rock like I have lately. Enjoy! :)

“Heart Skipped A Beat”

“Night Time”


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Music Monday: Iggy Azalea

iggy azalea

So way back in May while I was still being a hermit I went to visit my cousin Lencho in LA before he graduated from FIDM. One night after drinking we came back to his studio he shared with a classmate and they introduced me to the greatest woman ever, Iggy Azalea. At first I thought her song “Work” was totally ridiculous, the video didn’t help, but as I started to listen to it more, and watched her vevo interviews and heard more of her songs I really started to fall in love. Just see for yourself. Here is a collection of my favorite songs/videos shes done (pretty much all the songs off her new album).




“My World”

“Work Stripped” (I love this just because its so crazy to see classical strings used for rap)

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Tunes Tuesday- City and Colour

city and colour

So because I failed and forgot to schedule (and draft) a post for Music Monday, you all get Tunes Tuesday instead. Anyway, I wanted to focus on the new City and Colour album because I just saw them on friday at the Fox Theater in Oakland! FYI, I absolutely LOVE that theater, its one of the most beautiful places ever I’ve seen live music at. Also, it wins my heart because the Fox has a bar on every level and an additional bar attached to the building, which means no lines! Yay! No judging guys, I really hate lines.

I fell in love with City and Colour when I realized Alexisonfire wasn’t putting out anything new anymore and Dallas Green had started this as a side project. My friend Steve, who had introduced me to Alexisonfire also introduced me to City and Colour, and I’m so glad because I love anything Dallas does basically.  So here we go, first an Alexisonfire song for context, and an old City and Colour because I’m too lazy to check and see if I’ve talked about them before.

Alexisonfire – ” This Could Be Anywhere In The World”

City and Colour – “Coming Home” (first album “Sometimes”)

My favorites from the new album “The Hurry and The Harm”

“The Lonely Life”


“Death’s Song”

Honorable Mention goes to “The Golden State” mostly because its about California and its nicely done, although the live version was SO MUCH BETTER than the album version.