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Tunes Tuesday- City and Colour

city and colour

So because I failed and forgot to schedule (and draft) a post for Music Monday, you all get Tunes Tuesday instead. Anyway, I wanted to focus on the new City and Colour album because I just saw them on friday at the Fox Theater in Oakland! FYI, I absolutely LOVE that theater, its one of the most beautiful places ever I’ve seen live music at. Also, it wins my heart because the Fox has a bar on every level and an additional bar attached to the building, which means no lines! Yay! No judging guys, I really hate lines.

I fell in love with City and Colour when I realized Alexisonfire wasn’t putting out anything new anymore and Dallas Green had started this as a side project. My friend Steve, who had introduced me to Alexisonfire also introduced me to City and Colour, and I’m so glad because I love anything Dallas does basically.  So here we go, first an Alexisonfire song for context, and an old City and Colour because I’m too lazy to check and see if I’ve talked about them before.

Alexisonfire – ” This Could Be Anywhere In The World”

City and Colour – “Coming Home” (first album “Sometimes”)

My favorites from the new album “The Hurry and The Harm”

“The Lonely Life”


“Death’s Song”

Honorable Mention goes to “The Golden State” mostly because its about California and its nicely done, although the live version was SO MUCH BETTER than the album version.

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  1. I never got into Alexisonfire but it might end up one of those bands (/tv shows) I end up falling in love with after the heat has died off and its been years later haha.
    The bars at every level is making me want to check out that spot.
    GET MY BABY WEANED!!!!!!!!!