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the final countdown

So the official count for my prints are at 5 for the show. I decided for this first show I’ll stick to printing black and white by hand, plus it was cheaper for me for now. I’ll be showing 4 framed 11x14s and 1 framed 8×10.

The funny thing about these prints is that 2 of them have never been printed in b&w before but because I got into the habit of shooting with 2 cameras (one black and white, one color) I’ve already shown off 2 of these in color on my flickr, so they will look familiar, one I’ve never printed bigger than an 8×10, and one I printed long ago but just love so much I want to show it to everyone.

I was excited though because when it comes to my photography and techniques I’m pretty traditional and straightforward, but I’ve always wanted to try printing with a rough border, but because I always end up cropping my photos I’ve never had the chance to do it really, until this time, one of my prints was so perfect as is (at least in my mind), that I went ahead and experimented with the rough border and it came out wonderfully! I’m so excited to be showing it, and it just adds to the overall tone of the photo.

Anyway all I have left to do is mount the photos onto mattboards & match them with the frames I want to use (I got a variety) and print out little ID stickers for the walls of the Think House Collective. My business cards should be arriving tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see how they turned out, if you’ve peeped at my official website ( then you’ve already seen side 1 of the card! :)

Also I just have to say I miss being in the lab, and I need to do it more often and more regularly instead of when its crunch time. I ended up using up the last of my 100 pack of photo paper and buying more and then realized I really wanted to use cold-tone paper which they were out of, just another reason for me to print regularly, when I’m in the lab consistently I usually have a variety of papers and tones. I’ll have to write more about this later because it can totally affect the mood of your photos.

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