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The great thing about saying things, is that I can take them back later on.

I think it was sometime last year I proclaimed I’d never do portraits, right?


That was before my brother and future sister in law decided to finally get hitched and asked me to take some family portraits of them. I can’t say no – they’re my family, and I needed the practice anyway, especially because fashion photography has really caught my eye lately and I need to get comfortable shooting with people again.

ANYWAY, this past Sunday I swallowed my fear & pride and met up with my brother&Co for some typical portraits. Maybe its because before (way back in the day) I was trying too hard to go deeper with portraits, or I just didn’t know what to do, but this time around it felt more natural. My brother, his future wife, & my niece are pretty goofy by nature and somehow we ended up capturing a lot of that on film. At first I was hesitant about taking silly shots, but the beauty of portraits is that you’re going for substance not style, goofy was good for them. You can be the judge.

this pretty much sums up my niece & Deniece
I told them a joke to break the ice since this was our first shot... "What do you call a fake pasta? an IMPASTA!"

I honestly had a lot of fun shooting these with them, and I hope they can use some of them for their wedding, if not it was great practice for me. I forgot how fast you have to react when shooting live people, I’m so accustomed to shooting still life. All in all it ended up not being as bad as I thought it would be, I thought I’d totally ruin these shots but some of them I actually really like, plus it helps that I love Greg, Deniece, & Nini.

2 thoughts on “The great thing about saying things, is that I can take them back later on.

  1. We LOVE them and LOVE you for capturing these moments for us!!! We are truly a blessed family. THANK YOU!!!

    1. I’m so glad you love them!! :)

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