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Vegas was good to me

Well needless to say my first visit to the city of sin was pretty good.  I got a lot of great photos of Hoover Dam, but not much of Vegas proper since I was busy having fun.  Since the phrase What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas means a lot to all the parties involved this weekend I’ll leave out the weekend recap, but there was one pleasant little surprise for me when I arrived.  Friday morning I woke up to my first Vegas hangover and an email from the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

Le Reve on the Sacramento River (no its not this one)

About a month ago I heard via twitter that the Downtown Sacramento Partnership was looking for photos of downtown Sacramento for a calendar they would be putting out for 2011, and naturally I submitted a couple photos because lets face it, Sacramento is charming and I love to photograph it.  I was excited but cautious when I submitted the photos and when I didn’t hear back for a couple weeks I just let it go and moved on with my life.  Well it turns out they would like to use one of my photos- one which is actually one of my favorites… do you know what this means???

People other than my own friends & family are going to see my work.

I’m going to be published.

I know its kind of small-time league because lets face it Sacramento gets overlooked constantly, but at least tourists will see this!!!  Any exposure is good exposure, and I’m really excited I get to be part of this calendar.  I’m glad people are going to get to see  how beautiful my town is and how I see it through my lens.

Anyway I’m actually on my way out the door as I post this to go reprint the photo from a negative and get it scanned in hi-res quality so I can send it right over to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.  I’ll of course keep everyone updated on when and where they can get this calendar, because I know my personal cheerleaders (mom, sister, Liz) are going to want copies of this bad boy.

I just wanted to share my exciting news with all 5 of my readers.  ;)

7 thoughts on “Vegas was good to me

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  2. From one of your 5 readers…congrats!

    Glad you had a fun time in Vegas…you didn’t accidently get married, did you??

    1. lol no marriages, thank god.

  3. YAY BIA!!! I’m so proud/excited for you. Wine night to celebrate soon. Plus I want to hear all about Vegas ♥

    1. Yes yes! Name the night.

  4. I’m going to buy SEVERAL copies!!! Can’t wait to see this in print! Good job Val! Momma

    1. lol i know you will.