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We’re getting old, kemosabe

circa 2003, my graduation day. me, my neice, & my sister
circa 2003, my graduation day. me, my niece, & my sister (taken with a disposable camera, remember those?)

Today my youngest niece turns 14. Time has flown by so fast, its crazy. Of my sister and brother’s kids I’m the closest to her… probably because my sister and niece lived with us and the family until she was like 4 so its really like having a sister that you also help parent when their parent isn’t around. Its hard to describe the relationship her and I have because of it. Lately I’ve been trying to get closer to my nieces and nephew because its becoming very clear to me that I’m definitely not having kids of my own for another decade probably- if ever, plus I want to be that cool auntie, ya know? Either way its been easiest hanging out with this rugrat because I swear to god she could be my child we are so alike, which is unfortunate for my sister because I remember the shit I put my mother through from ages 14-24. Good luck with that, Monica. Its just really crazy to think that this little kid whose butt I have wiped liquid shit off of, rocked to sleep, and watched as she learned to sit, stand, crawl, walk, roll over, talk, and all that other good stuff , is a full fledged teenager. In fact, in 4 years that little turd nugget is going to be a legal adult!! That’s just scary! But anyway, this post is all over the place but really I just wanted to wish my niece E a happy birthday.

E, you’re growing up to be a really cool fuckin kid and I hope that you never grow up but I know it has to happen eventually. Just make sure to always be yourself and stand up for what is right like you always have. I love you.

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  1. Awe!!!

  2. Time flies…I know! Happy birthday to E!
    Even though my nephews are full-ass grown men now, they’ll always be my little boys!

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