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wowza wednesday… I couldn’t think of a decent title…

I feel like I need to brag about this for a quick second. I broke a personal record today for most efficient use of lab time ever lol. I was there for 2 and a half hours, I managed to develop 2 rolls of infrared, make contact prints, and print NINE 11x4s. Normally I spend like 3 hours on a print alone and thats just a rough draft- by rough draft I mean I’ve tweaked it all I can tolerate for the day and I know what my next step will be to get it 100% perfect. My final 4 prints that are ready for framing didn’t even have dust spots (which I am notorious for forgetting to dust off), YES THAT IS HOW PERFECT THEY CAME OUT.

I had a good printing day, which by far makes up for the crappy one I had a couple weekends ago when I simultaneously murdered my phone and got NO PRINTS done in 2 hours.

I have tomorrow after work, and Saturday for lab time, we hang prints on Monday so I’m going to try to squeeze in time to dry mount my photos for the show before I go hang my beauties.

Now that its crunch time I’m getting REALLY excited about this show. Can you tell?! I’ve used like a million caps in this post! lol :)

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