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Hit me with your best shot


Cupcake Parlour - Christchurch, New Zealand

Today I was hit by a wave of inspiration after talking to a good friend of mine about traveling and how I hadn’t traveled as much in 2010 as I liked and what I wanted to do with this new year.  As per usual I went to tweet my thoughts but when it came time to type them out I couldn’t put into words what I was feeling.  People say they are going to do all these things, we make these lists, we call them resolutions, goals, whatever, I’m one of those peopleFor a long time I was one of the people who would write the list and cross off nothing- they call these people all talk. Only recently have I begun to chip away at my lifelong goals.

I could sit here and tell you about all the things I am going to do with this year that has been gifted to me, about how I’m going to pull a trip to Canada out of my a$$ somehow and later a trip to Mono Lake and Bodie, but really, all I want to do this year is get things done.  This year Im going to do everything I want to do.  Basically, I’m going to make stuff happen.

Last year I spent the last half setting the wheels in motion for the things I am going to go after this year.  This year I wont stop working towards them until I’ve gone a step beyond what I thought I could even do.

To be honest, if at this time next year all I have to say about this year was that I traveled and actually got paid for a print (the buyer NOT being a family member of course), I think I’d call it a good year.  I want to get out there.  I want to prove to the world and myself that I am good enough to run with the big dogs (or at least the medium sized ones).

This year I begin to tie up those loose ends into beautiful bows.  :)

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365 days

Happy New Year!  Its hard to believe its already 2011!!  I just got used to writing ’10 and now I’m going to have to fight every urge to round that second digit now.   Like many people I like to write out resolutions and goals to work towards the year.  Sometimes I actually follow through on things and sometimes I evaluate my goals for the year and change them (usually around my birthday in September).  I have been making a mental list for quite some time now of what I would like to accomplish professionally in 2011 and for the sake of keeping my own word I’m going to share it with you!

  1. Buy that film scanner I need.
  2. Get a domain & get serious about doing this blog (consistent posting)
  3. Donate a couple prints to charity for an auction.
  4. Participate or have my own (that’s pretty ambitious) gallery showing of my work for a Second Saturday event.
  5. Get my print store up, running, & prints into peoples homes!
  6. Work on my portfolio (this is on my list every year it seems)
  7. Make some serious progress on my book project!

Thats pretty much it for 2011, of course my personal resolution list adds a couple more numbers to that, but whatever.  Who cares how many inches I want to lose or how far I’d like to run, right?

Anyway, those are some of the things I’d like to do this year.  I know resolutions aren’t for everyone, but do you have anything specific you’d like to get done this next year?? I’d love to hear it.

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How I stacked up this year

I swear this picture wasn't blurry when I uploaded it.


Every year I like to write down my resolutions somewhere and every end of the year I like to see how I did.  The closest I’ve ever gotten to accomplishing my new years resolutions was a couple years ago, I got 8 out of 10.  Not bad, eh?  Well here were 2010’s and lets see how I did…

  1. try/learn something new every day. [I went like 3 days and forgot lol]
  2. enjoy every moment – good or bad
  3. be healthier. spiritually, mentally, & physically. [as always I got lazy but at least I didn’t lose my mind, right?]
  4. get outdoors more.
  5. focus on school & photography more [even though I couldn’t get all my classes, my mind was there and I started this blog in school’s absence to get me back on track with what I want in life]
  6. do more for the community/causes i care about – volunteer & cancer awareness.  [Well I tried, I signed up with ACS and went to a welcoming thing but because of my inconsistent work schedule and trying to do school it just didn’t work out the way I had planned.]
  7. date more.
  8. spend more time with family.
  9. visit wifey (my best friend in texas), & travelling more as always. [I didn’t get to make it to Texas but Texas came to me this summer and I got to meet my best friends daughter and I got to visit Vegas for the first time.]

Total crossed off my list: 5.5

Not bad I guess.  I consider one crossed off the list a good year.  How did you stack up this year?  Do anything memorable off your new years resolution list?